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Fork making


P1050373I am making several different length forks for my current projects. I am waiting for some laser cut plates for the crowns to come back.

I’m also waiting for a few tubes from Peter at Ceeways. Sort of stuck , I decided to make  the jig to hold everything in place whilst brazing.

Looking at all sorts of methods online and at a little sketch my dad sent me about 3 years ago when I first threatened to take up this idea of building

frames, I started to come up with my solution.  It would have been so much easier if I was building just one size wheel size of bike. Without a milling

machine at my disposal and with limited materials, I had as usual to be somewhat creative in my approach. A drawing in an old book showing methods

of sea navigation provided the inspiration for a parallel tube which will allow me raise the height of the dropouts in relation to the steering tube.

This I hope will permit me to create the rake.P1050379The parallel tube is also slotted. I haven’t used the jig yet. I think it should work. Unfortunately, in its present configuration, it is not long enough to

make a 27″ or 700c fork. I will need to slide the steering tube support back, make another set of tapped holes, and lengthen the gap where the

crown sits when I finally get a round to making a full sized bike for me.P1050377I am wondering about making a sliding device with an adjustable height T-bar to support the blades and to help align them during brazing.


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