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Chain stay break

I snapped the chain stay on my 1950’s Peugeot frame.



I made the decision to repair the frame. This would be a good
opportunity to improve my skills so initially I remove the paint around the part of the bottom bracket lug which holds the stay. I had considered the idea of sleeving the tube but its taper and the denting for both chain ring and tyre made this nearly impossible. In contacting my father and Gary at Argos cycles agreed. Gary later sold me a new stay, a length of smaller tube tube (for the bridge) and helped me take the old one out. The replacement stay does not need denting as it it starts off round and is oval in the middle and returns to a round taper at the drop out end.

I needed to slide the tube into place so I drilled, filed and later dremmelled the metal of the BB tube and of the remaining brass.

I found that the remaining part of the old bridge got in the way so I removed it with an angle grinder and and files.


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